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Channel Steve

Channel Steve - The Online Life of a Digiholic
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The misadventures of a Jersey Girl that crossed the pond.
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Category: Expat life


No Place Like Home

A record of our journey living in Russia and all the exciting adventures and pitfalls that occur with a new country, culture and language!
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Still Times - Our China and Life Adventures

An eclectic collection of photographs, writings, & links relating to our life in China and travels to the USA.

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Mexico Eh?

I moved to Cancun with my partner Jay in 2012 for a year. We loved it so much we've decided to come down every year as snowbirds (from Toronto, Canada). We have...
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A Foodie In Europe

Allison is a 24 year old English teacher from Denver, Colorado who is currently trying to figure out the expat life in Valencia, Spain. Follow her foodie and...
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A visual exploration of the world through the eyes of wanderlust afflicted travel writer and photographer Patrick Horsfield.
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Lornas life in Spain

When I left my home town of Brighton, I decided to set up a blog, so family and friends could keep up with our new lives here in Spain. My blog posts can be...
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Neko in Nippon

My blog highlights the process of planning, moving and adjusting to your new home abroad. I detail my experiences, review products and services I've used, and...
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Jay in Cancun

A chronicle of my adventures in Cancun, Mexico.
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The Video Diary of an American in France

The blog is a video diary of an American expat living in the French Alps. It's about my adventures as an American woman starting life over in the French Alps...
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Recipe Nomad

Hello. My name is Hanady Awada, a food blogger in Shanghai, China. I started the website, Recipe Nomad in 2015, which focuses on delicious recipes that anyone...
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Adventures in the Nether Regions

My adventures living in the Netherlands - places I go, mistakes I make, weird foods I attempt to eat. Words I mis-pronounce
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Category: Expat life Humour


Oddities and Ends

I am a writer and amateur photographer living in Wolfsburg, Germany with my German husband. I write about my day-to-day experiences, adventures, and mishaps as...
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Notes from Spain

Laid off from our jobs in New York City, my husband and I made the decision to drastically change our lives and move to Spain. After a lot of searching, we've...
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