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Green Expat

Après Paris, Londres et Francfort, me voici arrivée en terre Suisse, plus précisément à Genève, sur les bords du Lac Léman... bienvenue sur ce blog où...
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Category: Expat life


Auswandern nach Zypern - Leben im Paradies

Von langjährigen Auswanderern für Auswanderer der Republik Zypern, speziell Larnaca. Ob deutsche Lebensmittel, vegan leben auf Zypern oder Unternehmertum auf...
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aelle around the world

Serial expat since 2005, aelle blogs about living in California, Malaysia, Japan, the Netherlands, Korea, being a young vegan woman around the planet, traveling...
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deutsch, bitte!

The day-to-day of a Californian turned Kreuzbergerin.
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House of Comil

Julia Comil, blog mode et lifestyle sur Los Angeles en Anglais. Découverte de LA vue par une expatriée amatrice de fitness, vegan food, style et autres modes...
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Spanglish Y'all

Chronicling our experiences as we move to Valencia, Spanglish Y'all is an expat blog written to inform, educate, and inspire everyone that wishes to live as an...
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Mexican vegan in japan. A gal that made it from the Baja to Japan in order to fulfill a military contract, but ended up finding herself and her true passions....
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Nomade Photo

Blog voyage autour du monde axé sur l'image (photographie et vidéo) et l'écologie (veganisme, limitation des déchets, voyage responsable).
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Tiki Touring Kiwi

I blog about stories from my adventures, trips I complete and guides on places I choose to live for a month or more.
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