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An American Girl in China

Adventures in Shanghai
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Ni Hao Y'all! US Southerners living in Shanghai

Offering credible Internet resources for living and working in Shanghai, China. Expat resources offered by expats. See relocation resources, blog, videos,...
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Category: Expat life


Sourcing Chine

Un blog sur les français en Chine souhaitant monter leur entreprise ou faire leurs achats internationaux. Conseils pour particuliers ou professionnels.
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Living the EXPAT's Life

Blog of an EXPAT's wife in SHANGHAI |
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An American Girl's Adventures

A year and a half after we had an incredible three year stint in Shanghai, China, my husband and I decided to continue exploring the world outside the US. This...
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Shanghai Shangrila

Shanghai Shangrila is an ongoing story about the decision to leave our lives in Los Angeles for something much different: Shanghai, China. We hope to use this...
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The China Gateway - Doing business in China

C'est un blog d'un étudiant suisse qui fait un échange d'une année à Singapour. Il y a des textes, des photos, des vidéos: tout pour vous rendre compte...
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I'm trying to keep my blog because I want to fix imagines and thoughs I can risk to lose and because I want to share this experience with all people are...
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Category: Expat life


Eye on Shanghai

My life in Shanghai as a first time expat, in words and pictures. Your experience may vary.
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Expat Cucina

A blog for cooking where I can share my family’s culinary traditions with you and hopefully have you share whatever delicious treats you may have in store for...
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Made in Laowai

La chine vu par un parisien d'origine congolaise (un noir en chine bizarre bizarre non???). Un blog drole et facile à lire. Jours après jours vener découvrir...
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Chasing the Unexpected

Travel insights from around the world.
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Made In Switzernan

Mon blog retrace mes 10 mois d'expatriation, principalement à Nanjing, capitale du Jiangsu, où j'ai poursuivi mes études de mandarin à l'université normale...
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Tai Tai in Shanghai

My blog is about our move to Shanghai, China with three children (13, 10 & 7) I believe the correct term is “trailing spouse” but the word trailing...
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Category: Expat life Humour


An American in Asia

Photos and stories of my life as an American expat in Shanghai
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