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The Schwab Family

Hello! We are the Schwab Family.

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A site for expats in Egypt, or those that would like to visit some day!
[Hits: 80 - Added: 20-08-17]


NJ to Nigeria

A description of life as our family of 5 moves from the suburbs of New Jersey to a year in South Africa before settling permanently in Nigeria.
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Category: Expat life Humour


Mommy Has A Headache

Mother of two blogs to save her sanity. How does this Brit in the USA cope without pouring rain, warm lager and pub gardens? Read her blog to find out!
[Hits: 70 - Added: 04-05-11]


Trent'Anni e Qualcosa

30 years, divorced, moving away. How I happily managed to change my life when everybody thought I was going to be lost.
[Hits: 62 - Added: 11-05-15]


Learning Patience

I'm a city girl, LEARNING PATIENCE on this island I call home - TRINIDAD. I share all my adventures - cooking, travel, running, marriage and life. I don't...
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And 2 Makes Crazy

a blog about life, love, family, marriage, god, living in a foreign country---helping the poor. usually written with great doses of humor.
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Category: Expat life Humour


Adventures of a Jersey Girl

Jersey; a small island in the English Channel, where cows, potatoes and curious patriotic locals called Beans coexist. I am one such bean, born and bred in one...
[Hits: 49 - Added: 04-05-16]



Tales from a life without borders
[Hits: 47 - Added: 31-08-11]


Jenny's Adventures In England

I started this blog when I moved to England as a way to keep in touch with family and friends in the US. Since then it has grown to be a documentary of our...
[Hits: 39 - Added: 04-01-10]


Clogs and Tulips: An American in Holland

They say that most people go on vacation and bring back souvenirs... Dutchmen go on vacation and bring back women. In 2008, I became a statistic. These are just...
[Hits: 35 - Added: 20-02-10]


Tatter Scoops

Colorful scoops of a mix-marriage couple, ex-nomads, with one toddler in tow. A place where the slightly Americanized wife/mom/woman channels her mundane...
[Hits: 31 - Added: 29-06-10]


the Songs on the Way

a Christian expat's journey of following God to India and into marriage
[Hits: 28 - Added: 09-04-13]


Immer Mittwoch

I moved back to England after 3 years in London to be with my Russian husband. I thought the transition would be easy, but I soon found there was a lot to...
[Hits: 25 - Added: 26-12-15]


An American in Clermont-Ferrand

My blog chronicles the stories of two newlyweds discovering their first year of marriage as expats in central France.
[Hits: 21 - Added: 07-11-11]

Category: Expat life


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