Learning Patience

I'm a city girl, LEARNING PATIENCE on this island I call home - TRINIDAD. I share all my adventures - cooking, travel, running, marriage and life. I don't hold back - ever. Sometimes my posts are silly, some are sad but everything is REAL.


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US American US American expat living in Trinidad and Tobago

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 20-06-79
  • Move: Usa  Trinidad and Tobago
  • Interest: Cooking, Fitness, Travel, Life
  • About me: 2 years bring a lot of change. I moved to Trinidad, I ran my 1st half marathon, I created a TON of new healthy & delicious recipes, I got diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and I suffered a traumatic foot injury. Yea...a lot has happened. The thing is though, I love my life, my island, my husband and my struggle to run again is becoming a reality everyday! Come visit and see what life is like in Trinidad. Come find an amazing recipe. Come to get some fitness inspiration. xoxo from Trinidad
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