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a little bird on the windowsill of bombay

my observations on the maximum city
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Vivre au Mexique

Trucs et astuces pour s'expatrier au Mexique, récits de nos visites, comptes rendus des services qu'on essaye.
[Hits: 130 - Added: 21-08-14]


Bonjour Barcelone

Bonjour Barcelone regroupe tous les bons plans de la ville de Barcelone : hôtels, restaurants, activités à faire sur place.

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Category: Expat life


Brooklyn 2 Bangkok

We're Dan and Ashley: Newlyweds who left life in New York City for a 2-year stint in Bangkok, Thailand. Having never been to Asia, let alone Bangkok, we're off...
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Texan in the Philippines

The adventures, misadventures and everyday life of a Texan surviving in the most hospitable country in the world. Land of Smiles, The Philippines.
[Hits: 78 - Added: 20-09-10]


El Margariteño

Toutes les infos de l'île, tourisme, immobilier, hôtels et posadas, Billets d'avion, actualité, météo, expatriation.
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Budapest Bons Plans

Budapest Bons Plans regroupe toutes les infos et conseils pour visiter la ville de Budapest: hôtels, restaurants, thermes,itinéraires de visite en 2,3 et...
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Bibs, Babs, Bobs in Amman

The story of a small expat family in Amman. Babs is mum to Bibs and married to Bobs.
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Rachael Harrison - Life as a Middle East Expat

My blog focuses on life in Dubai, namely trying to dig beneath the surface in this glitzy city, to try to find something 'real' and natural. I am a keen runner...
[Hits: 58 - Added: 24-07-13]


Wandering Expat Family

Serial Expat mum, I take you around Mauritius where we currently live and other places we visit. Keen photographer, with an interest in culture & history.
[Hits: 55 - Added: 11-03-17]


The South AfriKhan: A New Yorker in Cape Town

Chronicling the African adventures of Sarah Khan, a New York travel editor turned Cape Town-based freelance writer. Covering food, hotels, travel (within South...
[Hits: 50 - Added: 31-07-13]


Come to visit Prague

An insiders' view of the Golden city - Prague off the beaten path.
[Hits: 38 - Added: 06-01-13]


hippie in heels

a glamorous travel blog about 25 countries Rachel visits, but mostly India. She shares tips about the best hotels, how to dress, and how to stay safe in India.
[Hits: 29 - Added: 17-08-14]


Michael Tyler in China

I've traveled 52 countries and stayed in many of the best hotels, eaten in the best restaurants.
[Hits: 26 - Added: 20-04-13]


Life in Alps

In early 2018 I changed my lifestyle completely and moved from busy London to a small village in the Swiss Alps. Along with Europe travel guides, I tell my...
[Hits: 22 - Added: 28-08-18]


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