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Salut Finlande

Salut Finlande est le forum convivial pour les francophones de Finlande. Nous y organisons toutes les semaines les soirées tarot, pour favoriser les rencontres...
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Les secrets de la Finlande

Alors que les touristes s’emerveillent des milles lacs, de la barbe du Père-Noël, de la nourriture scandinavo-exotique, des compétitions farfelues et du...
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Helran en Finlande

Tribulation d'une jeune biologiste en neurosciences et à tendance geek expatriée en Finlande. Quand la vie de laboratoire et ses expériences mêlent la vie...
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A Scandinavian Interlude

Adventures, tribulations and ramblings of a native Californian from the San Francisco Bay Area who moved with his family to the Helsinki area of Finland.
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Jyväskylä for beginners

My name is Midi and I come from Poland. Yes, this is that country of Solidarnosc, presidential airplane crash and Chopin, and yes, it's been in the EU for some...
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les petites japonaiseries de marie

vs connaissez la chanson: rien de sérieux, que des petits détails de la vie...
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Category: Expat life


Already There

I write about learning Finnish, integrating, and Finnish culture.
[Hits: 110 - Added: 07-03-12]

Category: Expat life



A German's experiences in the Finnish capital. Here you find inside information about Helsinki. Find out what to do, how to get along, which places to see and...
[Hits: 106 - Added: 06-03-12]


Chronicles Of A Cold Texan

Travel stories, recipes, crafty creations, and other musings of an expat Texas girl trying to learn a new way of life
[Hits: 79 - Added: 29-09-14]


Finn Cuisine

La gastronomie finlandaise vue par une étrangère: recettes, coutumes, produits, etc...
[Hits: 79 - Added: 20-03-09]


Hey Helsinki

Insights into life in Helsinki including city highlights, customs and culture.
[Hits: 73 - Added: 17-04-15]


The Unfinnished Blog

Hello! I'm an American expat living in Helsinki. My blog chronicles Finnish life, my travels, good eats, and everything in between. Thanks for reading!
[Hits: 60 - Added: 19-06-14]



A blog about falling in love with cities, streets, night life and a man that keeps you alive. I began to write this blog in the United States & now I am in...
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TexaGermaNadian: My Life in 3 Countries

Long story short...
[Hits: 52 - Added: 27-09-11]


Finland Adventures

The tales of a Louisiana expat in the cold, cold north. Told in a casual, conversational style, with musings, observations, some humor, some pictures, and huge...
[Hits: 51 - Added: 26-10-14]


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