The Back Roads of Ukraine: Chronicles of an American Tr

Ukraine is a land of endless possibilities waiting for its moment in time to come. Six years ago Randy decided to put his life into two suitcases and along with his trusty cat Pepper John flew across the pond from America to Kyiv in early March 2004. Randy enjoys living in Ukraine because of the opportunity to go wondering along Ukraine’s back roads to discover and explore its many hidden treasures and see the real Ukraine up close. Randy invites you to come along on his life’s second adventure.

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US American US American expat living in Kiev

  • Gender: Male
  • Move: Usa  Ukraine
  • Interest: Traveling the back roads of Ukraine, living free and enjoying life!
  • About me: How did Randy happen to get from Missoula, Montana to Kyiv, Ukraine? It started when he sent Lyudmila a message over the Internet while she was at work. “Hello, Miss Kyiv, are you there?” With those simple words they began an Internet courtship on a daily basis for nearly 4 years. On March 4, 2004 Randy returned to Kyiv to begin his second life’s adventure. It was a warm spring day and all traces of winter had disappeared. He arrived with two suitcases and his trusty cat, Pepper John. Pepper was glad the long trip was over as he rested on top of the suitcases in a triumphant pose as the custom agents reviewed his papers. Once the two of them cleared customs they passed through the doors to begin their new life. Pepper showed no fear as the two of them walked through the lines of people waiting outside. Somehow Pepper knew this was his moment to let the people at the airport know they had come in peace to live among them and to introduce the pleasures of catnip to all the cats in Ukraine!

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