Revolution, Lecturing and Life in Western Ukraine

I look at everyday life, as well as the big political events, affecting Ukraine and particularly the city of Ivano-Frankivsk at this time of upheaval, revolution and crisis.
I am a lecturer, so I have a lot of contact with all sorts of people in the city and beyond, and I try to incorporate their views, feelings and experience into my writing.
I've covered all sorts of things, from neo-Nazi marches to a funeral of protester, from going to the market to drinking in a Soviet theme pub.

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UK British UK British expat living in Ukraine

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  • Interest: Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Ukraine, Poland, football, theatre
  • About me: I'm a British lecturer working in western Ukraine for over two years now. I've been here during all the upheavals of Euromaidan, revolution and the Crimea crisis. The Euromaidan revolution inspired me to start my blog. I try to cover not simply political events or those in mainstream media, but draw attention to the everyday aspects of life in the Ukrainian provinces.
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