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Hallo, ich schreibe über mein neues Leben in Spanien an der Costa Blanca, über das Leben, Ausflüge, die Kultur und alles, was hier Neu ist.
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Expat C.A.F.E.

Since my husband Mike and I became The 6 Monthers we have heard from a lot of people curious about our lifestyle. This blog, Expat C.A.F.E., is where we will...
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Masha Lloyd's blog

My blog is a weekly diary of my life in Spain mostly from a personal point of view. It is also written in the context of news from Spain and abroad which has...
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Notes from Spain

Laid off from our jobs in New York City, my husband and I made the decision to drastically change our lives and move to Spain. After a lot of searching, we've...
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Recovering Me

Recovering from an illness that affects many people I wanted to share my knowledge to help others. Now I have moved on, I want people to know that getting well...
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My name is Florence Ricchiazzi Lince. I am the wife half of The 6 Monthers. We try to live in a new country every 6 months. I do all the social media for us as...
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This is Alicante Life

This is a blog about life in Alicante through my activities and personal experiences which is hopefully informative and entertaining. It is for those who are...
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I am a psychologist by trade, but my real passions are music, dance, food, and travel. My worldwide curiosity has taken me from hole-in-the-wall, locals-only...
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