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Somewhere between enthusiasm for active living and travel the world, Slice Of Torch Ginger (SOTG) brings you more than a slice of health-conscious recipe, ideas...
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Some People Juggle Geese - This Is What I Do Instead

I post about books and movies but also about funny signs and language-related experiences in Singapore. There are also photos from trips in the region.
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Surprising Horizons

Blogging about life in Singapore and travel around the world with photographs and videos.
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Tale of a Trailing Spouse

Coming to you from Singapore. I gave up my career, country, family, and friends to become a professional vagabond and citizen of the world. I've lived in four...
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We created a website for people like us who enjoy traveling around Singapore in South East Asia and are looking for practical information and recommendations on...
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Truly Expat

This blog is a one stop shop for everything expat related. With stories of other expats, diary entries of my own adventures and of course information relating...
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Walking the World

Walking the World is about life in Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and Singapore. Monitor lizards living on my roof, purple faced leaf monkeys in my neighborhood, cows...
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Why do expats feel like they belong nowhere and everywh

A one-stop shop on expat life, from living abroad to transitioning, my stories come from my own experience, my own opinions and my knowledge of the places I...
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