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A Long Way to Go for A Sun Tan

An Irishman's view of life and work in Afghanistan & Saudi Arabia after moving abroad to work in 2011, Life, work, culture and of course, missing home......
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Canadian in Riyadh

A Canadian woman blogs about her day to day life in Riyadh, living with her husband on a compound in a country she never thought she'd end up in.
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Foreign Girl

An American woman's journey in Saudi Arabia, learning those things about their society and mine - whether funny, maddening, baffling, inspiring, heartbreaking,...
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GMarie's Page

I wondered how it would be to live and work abroad with a culture much different than my own. After working 19 years for the U.S. Government (with a 4-year...
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Kiwi In Saudi: What to do

Diary of an expat Kiwi living and working around the rules, regulations and culture in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
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Lost in Riyadh

This is a blog, all about a student's life in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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My Saudi Adventures

Blog about Living in Saudi. What is different in the Saudi culture? How is the marketing scene in Saudi? Everything about running in Saudi. I just state the...
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my experience in this unknown country
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Thoughts & Notes

sharing tips and our experience in Saudi Arabia. We sometimes write about Travel.
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Work Overseas Guide

It is a blog created for expat professionals. Specially those who are living and working in KSA.
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