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Brutally honest, personal accounts about life are hard to find these days. I struggle as a single father in forced exile, in the harsh and unforgiving city of Moscow, constantly dealing with a violent ex-wife that suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. In a lawless wasteland, I protect and nurture my six year old daughter as best I can - sometimes with nothing but sheer force of will, always with food cooked with a lot of love, with music. Anyone touched by a messy divorce, or an abusive relationship can find something that resonates here. If cooking helps you keep the wolves away, if making music is your salvation then we have something to share.

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US American US American expat living in Moscow

  • Gender: Male
  • Move: Usa  Russia
  • Interest: writing
  • About me: North's highly regarded blog is described by one reader as “the work of a modern Chekhov”. The fact that the ongoing story is not fictional, that North is really an expat NYer living in Moscow because his daughter was kidnapped there only deepens the experience.


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