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Une Dinde à New-York

ou les splendeurs et misères d'une mère au foyer à New-York
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Category: Expat life Humour


Exil à Bruxelles

Blog d'une exilée française à Bruxelles - pour ses compatriotes expats dans le
[Hits: 251 - Added: 22-03-13]

Category: Expat life


impressions of an expat

Brutally honest, personal accounts about life are hard to find these days. I struggle as a single father in forced exile, in the harsh and unforgiving city of...
[Hits: 156 - Added: 17-01-12]


Voluntary Exile

Meanderings and musings around Expat Life as an American woman living in the UK for the past 3 years
[Hits: 20 - Added: 15-04-15]


Overseas Exile

Overseas Exile is a combination of "howto" tips on becoming an expat, issues you'll face once you've become an expat, my personal experiences as an...
[Hits: 20 - Added: 22-11-11]


SomeWhere In The Globe

Sur SWITG (SomeWhere In The Globe), on parle essentiellement de Londres et de ma vie d'expatriée: les restos, les sorties à faire, les choses qui me...
[Hits: 12 - Added: 02-06-13]


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