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Our ‘little city’ is Doha, Qatar. Originally from the UK, my wife, our two kids and I relocated to Qatar in autumn 2012 after my wife was offered an amazing job. Despite having travelled extensively, it's my first time living outside the UK. The blog is my attempt to capture the adventure and challenges of making a new life abroad, being newbie expats and living life as a ‘mouse’ (male trailing spouse).

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UK British UK British expat living in Qatar

  • Gender: Male
  • Move: United Kingdom  Qatar
  • Interest: I love films, football, cycling and beer, not all of which are availab
  • About me: Our family is from the UK, although my wife lived all over the world growing up. I'd been looking for a permanent role in Qatar for a while when, typically, she was approached about a job here. She moved out on her own in summer 2012, and I followed with our two kids in the autumn. We've left the countryside, hills and having a life within walking distance, to a country where driving everywhere is psychotic but essential, and you have to run a bath half an hour before you need it to give the water a chance to cool down. I'm a male trailing spouse, which is relatively uncommon on its own; to be one in such a patriarchal country is proving eventful. My background is in corporate communications. Writing helps me organise my thoughts - and there's plenty of them to be had here.
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