Conversations with Hank is a Micro -Sitcom about a family of four living in the north of Portugal: A midwestern American Artist, a Portuguese Scientist, a newborn and a seven year old. The site is in English with a peppering of (translated) Portuguese. Living in Portugal since 2010 this family will have you laughing your way through new conversations posted Monday-Friday.

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US American US American expat living in Portugal

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  • Birthday: 26-02-80
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  • About me: I'm Joy. I'm a Midwestern American Author, Blogger and Artist. I live in the North of Portugal with my family. I spend my week filling my sketch book with stories and adventures and my weekends looking for dragons hiding in castle corners (Portugal is littered with castles. There is one just up the street from my house!). Since 2010 I've kept a record of our unique conversations and post them every Monday-Friday at I also write and (sometimes) illustrate children's books. Information about where you can purchase my books is on my website.
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