An expat´s view of Dutch politics

Nicola Chadwick is a journalist and translator who has lived in Amsterdam for the last 26 years. After taking Dutch nationality last year, she voted in her first election in September. She worked for the Dutch world service Radio Netherlands Worldwide for 10 years, writing on news, politics and culture. She is married to a local politician on North Amsterdam's district council with the GreenLeft party. Her blog Going Dutch, on the naturalisation process, is at and she is on Twitter as @amsternic.

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Nicola Chadwick

UK British UK British expat living in Amsterdam

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 24-11-65
  • Move: United Kingdom  Netherlands
  • Interest: Dutch politics and society
  • About me: I came to the Netherlands 26 years ago, for one year. Now, I am about to take on the Dutch nationality, while keeping my British passport. After at least 15 years working as a translator/editor and ten years of translating bulletins and writing articles on Dutch current affairs for Radio Netherlands Worldwide, I feel I know the Netherlands inside out. In addition, I'm a radio junkie and a news addict. I can turn my hand to any subject, but my preferences lie with Dutch current affairs, politics, business, culture and society.
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