Back to Berlin...and Beyond!

We embarked on the expat experience in Berlin in 2007 and our lives were changed forever. We saw Obama's 2008 campaign speech, got engaged on the Tower Bridge in London, and generally ripped it up in Berlin. To finish it off, we took an absolutely whirlwind month-long trip around Europe from Vienna to Istanbul to Paris & more. Home in rainy (but lovely) Seattle we got married, hugged our parents, and re-connected with friends...but expat living still beckoned. The most common question, "Why did you come home?" ...nagged at us. Why did we go home? What did we want to do? So we did the only logical thing, we moved Back to Berlin.

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US American US American expat living in Berlin

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  • About me: American expat duo from rainy (but lovely!) Seattle, living in Berlin & spending every last dime on travel. Drink, Travel, Write
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