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Berlin au niveau du vécu

Je raconte seconde après seconde ma vie trépidante, mes currywurst, les expos que je vais voir, celles que je n'ai pas vu, les musées, ouverts ou fermés,...
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Back to Berlin...and Beyond!

We embarked on the expat experience in Berlin in 2007 and our lives were changed forever. We saw Obama's 2008 campaign speech, got engaged on the Tower Bridge...
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Franz io ti amo

Storie e tendenze tra Italia e Germania. Cibo, design, locali, musica, melting pot e sopravvivenza.
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Swahili Safari

Escaping Berlin and moving to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania made me start a blog. It is a collection of my experiences, travels and personal live.
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Category: Expat life Diary


chasing heartbeats

Documenting what happens when a California girl moves to a small city in Germany's Black Forest, meets the love of her life, marries him and moves to Berlin. ...
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An American in Norway, a Citizen of the World

... sharing my life as an expat and a traveler through words and photos
[Hits: 151 - Added: 10-08-13]


Big Bear blogs .. Berlin

A look at all aspects of Berlin life from the perspective of a new and curious emigre. Includes sections on accommodation, work, bars, restaurants, exhibitions,...
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Don Kong's Leben in Kambodscha Blog

Auf Don Kong's Blog findet man Informationen, Tipps und Berichte aus dem Alltag sowie Interessantes und Kurioses über das Leben als Ausländer in Kambodscha....
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Category: Expat life


Aphrodites Schatten ~ Zypern jenseits der Idylle

Christiane Sternberg, Jahrgang 1965, lebt als freie Journalistin in Zypern. Vom vereinten Berlin zog sie ins geteilte Nikosia wieder an die Mauer. Sie berichtet...
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Lettere da Berlino

Scrivo della mia vita di expat, sulla Germania e su Berlino.
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Bière, Berlin et!!

Je me tatais depuis longtemps pour commencer un vrai blog, pour raconter ma vie d’expat à Berlin et faire partager quelques expériences vécues. Cela n’a...
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All Sinks Cherman

Germans can be pretty serious people, but there are myriad funny things about how they live, work, and play. Here is a look at some of these peculiarities,...
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Les Yeux Carrés

Au départ, j'envoyais régulièrement de longs mails à tous mes contacts où je leur racontais mes voyages en Europe de l'Est, mon amour pour l'Allemagne et...
[Hits: 98 - Added: 29-04-09]


Choses et Autres - Capharnaüm

J’ai testé pour vous…
[Hits: 77 - Added: 21-01-10]


deutsch, bitte!

The day-to-day of a Californian turned Kreuzbergerin.
[Hits: 76 - Added: 07-08-12]


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