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I blog about the issues that affect accompanying partners of expats, addressing transition to expat life, identity, career, finding fulfillment if you're unable to work, TCKs, relationships, location independence. With 6 international moves under my belt, I have personal experience of most of those issues and try to discuss them with both sensitivity and humour. Lasty, I advocate in the HR community for additional support for accompanying partners.

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UK British UK British expat living in Belgium

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: United Kingdom  Belgium
  • Interest: Accompanying partners, transition, coaching
  • About me: I'm a serial expat having lived in 6 countries with my Australian husband and two children. I work with the accompanying partners of expats helping them to successfully navigate the transitions in expat life more smoothly. I work with: - partners of expats who have put careers on hold to move overseas. I help them discover what they need to find that fulfillment elsewhere - partners expats who have out of the workplace for several years and have been so focused on their families that they have lost sight of their own dreams and ambitions. I help them to rediscover their goals and to move forward in achieving them. - partners of expat who are interested in creating a location independent career or business that can be sustained through multiple moves Besides creating my own location independent business, I speak 4 languages badly, teach and practice yoga and the rest of my time is spent trying to entice my children to do things they'd rather not!


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