Belgian Smaak

Belgian Smaak is an adventure in taste with Belgian beer and chocolate.

'Smaak' is the flemish word for 'Taste'. And 'Smack' in English means 'to part lips noisily in eager anticipation of food and drink'; or 'to have a flavour of'.

We explore the delicious world of Belgian beer and Belgian chocolate. Our mission is to help every person in the world enjoy their own lip-smacking adventure in taste.

Elisa and Breandán’s story began in 2010 when they met around a smoky camp fire in Peru. They were volunteering on an earthquake reconstruction project during career breaks from their respective jobs as a teacher in Belgium and a lawyer in Ireland.

After a hard day of bending rebar and digging trenches, Elisa unwrapped a slab of Cote d’Or that her mum had sent in the post and offered a bit to Breandán who was perched next to her on an upside down wheelbarrow. Gratefully accepting, Breandán offered Elisa a cold swig of his Cusquena to wash her chocolate down. They got chatting and their conversation turned to Belgium. And then to Ireland. And then to beer. And then to chocolate.

They spent the night engrossed in each other’s stories – talking about tastes from their travels and tastes from home – and together they lamented the lack of adventure most people enjoy with both beer and chocolate.

Fast forward four years and Breandán and Elisa live together in Belgium where they share not only their own life adventure, but adventures in taste with Belgian beer and Belgian chocolate.

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  • About me: Being Irish, I made sure to taste beer wherever I went around the world – from rural west Africa to the inimitable Australian bush and from the dense forests of Malaysian Borneo to the bustle of Californian cities. But no beer could come close to those I tried when I moved to Belgium. Together with Elisa, who is studying to be a chocolatier, we write about Belgian beer and chocolate.
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