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Moved to Belgium since July 2016 under a cohabitation visa to be with my partner. My blog is to document my new journey in Belgium which I would like to call 'Home'. The first series that I have written is "Legal Cohabitation Visa for a Well-Prepared Battle". I hope to help others to understand the visa procedure more easily through my experience. Subsequently, I hope to spend more time from now onwards writing about my travel in Belgium and other parts of Europe. Not forgetting about the love of many people. That is food search. I would like to introduce more Asian food since it is my number one love. Coming from Singapore which is an international food paradise, I would be able to identify instantly what are the good authentic Asian cuisine. Yum... Yum...

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Singapore  expat living in Antwerp

  • Gender: Female
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  • About me: I come from Singapore and currently living with my Belgian partner in Antwerp. My blog documents my life in Belgium, the events in Belgium and the places that I have visited.
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