Belgium Correspondent, James: The Belgian Saga

Highlights my thoughts and feelings about Belgium and my experiences here, arbitrary and otherwise. Also occasionally ventures into my european travel experiences in the surrounding countries of Belgium. I.E France, Holland etc

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South Africa  expat living in Belgium

  • Gender: Male
  • Move: South Africa  Belgium
  • Interest: Writing, sports, journalism, social issues, movies, books
  • About me: hi, I come from South Africa, but currently reside in New Zealand, which is further complicated by the fact that I am currently on a community service exchange in Belgium for 6 months. I have aspirations of being a writer (in one capacity or another) and enjoy writing my blog as a very casual way of sharing my experiences with friends, family and whoever may find it vaguely interesting/entertaining. At the moment my blog is primarily focussed on my experience here in Belgium over my 6 months stay, but I intend to write more about my experiences in NZ upon my return.


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