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Le Blog d'une Assistante Sociale à New-York

Le regard d'une assistante sociale française à New-York sur les cotés cachés de la vie d'expatriée.
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De Paris à Londres

Parisien de naissance, j'essaye de profiter de cette double culture pour porter un oeil critique ou souligner des points sympathiques qui peuvent toucher les...
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Life in Denmark

If you are planning to move to Denmark, are already in Denmark or just interested in the country, my blog is for you. I share my experiences in Demark. I write...
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Surviving in Japan: (without much Japanese)

Finding the resources you need in Japan can be daunting at times, especially if you haven't mastered the language quite yet. Seemingly simple tasks such as...
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a little bird on the windowsill of bombay

my observations on the maximum city
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Vivre et travailler au Brésil. Des infos de la vie de tous les jours et des cles pour décrypter le brésilien...
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Entre coups de coeur, et coups de gueule, le journal d'une immigree Franco-Suissesse en terre arizonienne.
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Adventures & reflections of a Spaniard in Southern California
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Lady RaRa Jakarta

My blog covers all aspects of my life and adventures in Jakarta - from clubbing, cultural differences, insights and travels around the local area.
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Ideas, thoughts and comments on life in the Middle East and Sweden.
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Vivere a Manchester

Ho creato questo blog per condividere le mie esperienze da espatriata: la lingua, l'impatto col popolo inglese, il costruirsi tutto da capo. Col tempo diversi...
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Category: Expat life


Belgium Correspondent, James: The Belgian Saga

Highlights my thoughts and feelings about Belgium and my experiences here, arbitrary and otherwise. Also occasionally ventures into my european travel...
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Nord Quotidien Info

Nord Quotidien Info est un journal d'expression française qui analyse les actualités de Suède et de Scandinavie, la politique, l'économie, le sport et les...
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the book is on the table

After spending seven years working as social worker and helping others through the process of migration I become a migrant myself. In February 2012 my job in...
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'Our Luxor' (Or a Daft lad in Egypt.)

A blog about the struggle and misfortunes, but also the joys and hilarity of living in Luxor. We love it!
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