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Le blog d'un français perdu à Singapour : sujets d’actualités, vie pratique, reportages photos et portraits de français sont au programme
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My little singapore

Blogueuse, geek(e), maman de 3 enfants, caucasienne singapourienne ex-parisienne, Normande. My little Singapour est un blog pour partager mes bonnes adresses et...
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Nella Terra Di Sandokan

Sito italiano sulla Malesia, per expat e viaggiatori, con articoli e notizie per la comunità italiana in Malesia, informazioni di viaggio, approfondimenti...
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Desperate housewives in Singapore

"Singapore? Ma dov'e' in Cina? Cannot direbbe un singaporeano! Questo blog e’ per raccontare di un piccolo posto sperduto in fondo all’Asia che, con...
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Joburg Expat

A blog about life of an expat family in Johannesburg, South Africa. Travel stories, relocation advice, musings on culture, and entertaining stories about...
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Don't let the Ruby slippers or Dorothy inspired name fool you, this is the humble little Blog of a "trailing spouse", experiencing life in Singapore...
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Active Mummy in Singapore

A Singapour depuis Janvier 2006, Ingénieure, Jeune Maman, je partage mes bons plans restaurants, voyages, shopping, enfants.
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Lioness in Japan

The ups and downs of expat life, trailing partner issues, food, travel, and Japanese culture. It's a way to keep in touch with friends back home and all over...
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Category: Expat life



Experiencias de vivir y sentir Singapore (Singapur)
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Category: Expat life



Bonjour !
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The Singapore Mimi News

The B. Family : Mimi B, ses parents Daddy B. et Mummy B. et leur chien Doggy B. Arrivés à Singapour courant juin 2013... Et on compte bien tout vous raconter!...
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Pink and Mints

Blog of a thirty-something girl living and working in Singapore. I also write about books, running, travel, food and a merry mix of musing on my life here in...
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Category: Diary Expat life


Norway With Love

A blog about relocating to Norway, I share my thoughts on the expat life, redefining yourself abroad, parenting and motherhood abroad.
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21st Century Mummy

21st Century Mummy is about the life, loves and lessons of an expat mum in Singapore. I write about expat life, bringing up kids in an expat world, what to do...
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Expat Edna

Adventures of expat life in Paris, as well as tales from my travels in Asia.
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