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Expat stuff by Fafa

Expat Stuff by Fafa parle de mes experiences à l'étranger en tant qu'expat, femme d'expat, maman expat et femme tout simplement... l'objectif étant de faire...
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Cuore, cervello e altre frattaglie

Notes by a paranoid engineer moved to Asia!
[Hits: 187 - Added: 11-08-09]


blog voyage Regard Nomade

Sur mon blog voyage, je partage avec vous mes expériences de voyageur et d'expatrié.

[Hits: 87 - Added: 02-10-15]


Very World Trip

Very World Trip est le blog d'un jeune français ayant la chance de pouvoir allier travail et voyages.
[Hits: 80 - Added: 28-07-12]



This nomad ("rurousha" in Japanese) has found a home in Japan. It's the best place to be, even when Namazu, the giant catfish that lives under the...
[Hits: 76 - Added: 04-09-11]


Sounds Good on Paper

My husband and I are living in Argentina. We're testing the waters to see if we can become expats. We are living in several different cities to see which one...
[Hits: 65 - Added: 25-03-11]


Femmes de Projets

Le blog des femmes expatriées et mamans expatriées qui veulent trouver leur voie, se reconvertir, avoir une carrière portable, une activité nomade qui les...
[Hits: 53 - Added: 23-06-17]


Global Anni

I am an educator currently teaching and living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with my husband and two children. I have been a global nomad since the age of 12 and...
[Hits: 51 - Added: 28-04-12]


I am Aileen

Lifestyle and travel blog of Aileen: a 20-something digital nomad and entrepreneur from the Philippines who quit her job at 21 to travel the world!
[Hits: 51 - Added: 23-01-15]


A digital nomad life

Wanderlustr is a blog about the digital nomad life.

[Hits: 51 - Added: 27-07-16]


Stumble Abroad

The adventures and misadventures of a family of 4 currently living in the Big Durian. When we are not traveling we are exploring Jakarta and finding the...
[Hits: 48 - Added: 24-02-12]


Jase Rodley

I discuss experiences I have had as an expat, while travelling, in business, or elsewhere in life.
[Hits: 48 - Added: 19-01-18]


Au Vent Mauvais - A Traveler in Residence

“A Traveler in Residence” è un’immagine presa in prestito dalla scrittrice irlandese Maeve Brennan. Racchiude insieme i viaggi, l’idea di casa, la...
[Hits: 44 - Added: 21-10-14]


Leaving Holland

It is all about the Philippines (and a little about me) time tables, ferry schedules, the cost of living, legal stuff, islands, cities, dating and more.
[Hits: 44 - Added: 28-06-18]


Eyes Wide Open (Una aventura americana)

Blog que reúne el amor por la naturaleza, la pasión por viajar y la fascinación por lo desconocido de una española viviendo temporalmente en Estados Unidos....
[Hits: 43 - Added: 15-09-15]


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