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Smart Travels

A British expat living on Reunion Island (a French overseas department in the SW Indian Ocean) for many years; I also lived in South Korea 2008-2011 and...
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Ma vie en Corée du Sud, la Corée, les Coréens, la langue Coréenne, la culture Coréenne et ses traditions, les insolites...
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Comme son nom l’indique j’ai créé ce blog sur la Corée du Sud pour pouvoir partager mon rêve qui était de vivre en Corée du Sud. J’ai fait ce blog...
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Rodya In Korea

A travers mon blog je partage mon séjour à Séoul, en Corée du Sud. Découverte, histoire, nourriture et balade sont au programme et vous êtes les bienvenus...
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Boulette et Sevya en Coree

Le blog d'un couple français sur la Corée du Sud, avec pas mal de posts sur la culture, la nourriture et les trucs à faire à Séoul et en dehors. ^^
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Big White Barbie

Previously in South Korea, briefly in Japan, and now in Moscow where my moniker makes much less sense. I teach English and sometimes do other things, few of...
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aelle around the world

Serial expat since 2005, aelle blogs about living in California, Malaysia, Japan, the Netherlands, Korea, being a young vegan woman around the planet, traveling...
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Living Life Frame by Frame

A twenty-something American living in South Korea. I'm a teacher and a photographer, and I am in love with a wonderful Frenchman by the name of Marc. This blog...
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The Philiad

Currently blogging Mexico, previously blogging Bolivia, occasionally re-blogging the US. The Philiad contains patchy histories, plenty of speculation passed off...
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Asia Vu

By the time my husband and I were married, our military/diplomatic childhoods had resulted in a combined 30-plus moves between Asia, Europe, and the continental...
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I'm A Seoul Man in Tokyo

Randon jottings on life in Tokyo , things to do, places to go.
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Claudia and Oliver's Korean Adventure

A South African couple working as teachers in Korea hoping to provide amazing pictures and information to people who want to know more about Korea. We provide...
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An American Abroad

This blog is a collection of my stories not only of my travels and expedriences, but of my life as I try to figure out how to live a happy and fulfilling life.
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Expat in Germany

Travel ideas for Germany, Europe and Canada along with stories on expat living and learning a foreign language
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I will see you in far off places

A 20 something American expat living life in the south of England.
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