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A Brit and A Southerner

We are avid travelers and 'A Brit and A Southerner' provides details of our experiences along with our findings and ideas regarding travels.
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Welcome to ispyprettyplaces. If you enjoy travelling and have been curious about life abroad then this is the place for you. I focus travel tips around those...
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Oman Holidays Blog

journeys into Oman
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Where To Next?

A personal expat blog that shares our experiences - both good and bad - while trying to live life as expats. I share light-hearted advise with my readers based...
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tin of sardines

random thoughts and ideas of an american city girl in the english countryside
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Category: Diary Expat life


Voluntary Exile

Meanderings and musings around Expat Life as an American woman living in the UK for the past 3 years
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It is about living abroad, encountering new cultures, travelling and make the most of life!!
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Category: Globe trotter


Girl, International

Documenting my life through journeys, studies and experiences of foreign cultures.
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Amanda Afield

This blog is a chronicle of my travel adventures and adjustments to British life after relocating to England from the USA. Includes travel tips and information...
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Sauteed Happy Family

We're a young, fun couple writing about our wild adventures teaching and living in Korea... featuring our cute cat, Chulmu! If you enjoy Engrish, adorable kids,...
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Brown Bear Travels

Our blog documents our travels in and around Canada as we take in new sights and experience Canadian life.
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Detroit to Devon; Mom becomes Mum

Hello! I am an American Expat. I moved from Detroit to the UK in 2009. I am a mum to two primary school girls; Little Stormbringer, and The White Rose. I...
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Travel. Experience. Live.

A travel and adventure blog with the main focus on photography and experiences.
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Pasta Republic

One girl's struggle with frugality, Shanghai, and kale.
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After all the moves and struggling with where to call home, I have finally found that now. Not in Hamburg, although we are happy and plan to stay for the...
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Category: Expat life Diary


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