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IslandMomma Life on a Small Island and Beyond

Seeking the stories and adventures of island life and my travels, and because I am a genuine, original baby boomer, occasional observations and rants about the...
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The misadventures of a Jersey Girl that crossed the pond.
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Category: Expat life


Algarvian Delights

We first fell in love with the Portuguese approach to food and life in 2004 on Madeira. In 2013 we decided it was about time we discovered mainland Portugal. ...
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Running Across the Pond

I'm trading Florida's sun and sea for English tea! Follow my journey as I become an expat across the pond all while training for my first half marathon!
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England Rents, Rants, & Raves

Adventures and discoveries when I take my American wife and daughter back to England.
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Lost In The Pond

From language variation to obscure cultural differences, the United States and the United Kingdom differ in ways most of us aren't even aware. Sure, we all know...
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Jenny's Adventures In England

I started this blog when I moved to England as a way to keep in touch with family and friends in the US. Since then it has grown to be a documentary of our...
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An American in Britain

News and views by an American now living across the pond in England.
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Category: Expat life


American to Britain

I have lived in England for more than 8 years. While I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall, I met my English husband and decided to separate after serving 10 years...
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Across The Ponderings

I left the hustle and bustle of NYC to live in Oxford, England for the year with my new husband--we're traveling a lot and treating this experience like an...
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TheTravelBug Bulgaria

All about life in Bulgaria from someone who has been there, done it and survived.....just!
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Category: Expat life


The Philippines Expat

This blog is an honest account of what it's like to be an expat living in Cebu City, from where to eat, to renting property, to the local nightlife, and...
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Colombia Travel Blog

“Colombia Travel”, “Colombia Tours”. Faster and faster, those phrases are becoming very sought after on the internet, more and more often those are...
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Oh, the places we will go!

I'm a Texas accountant married to a Brit. We are living in London and exploring Europe. I write about London, live in England, being an expat and our...
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MR E in Singapore

A teacher from England, Mr E moved to work in Singapore in August 2014. What's it like to teach here? What's it like to live here? Read on for the REAL...
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