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Lorsque tout à coup

Bonjour, je suis Elisa, je viens de poser mes valises avec mon mari et mes 2 enfants à Dalian, dans la région du Liaoning en Chine. Je partage avec vous mes...
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Its my thoughts, feelings, observations experiences and opinions of living in China.
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Vino Vagabonds

Our goal is to travel as long as our glasses are half full and to make a living writing about, photographing and working directly in the wine industry. We want...
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Overseas Exile

Overseas Exile is a combination of "howto" tips on becoming an expat, issues you'll face once you've become an expat, my personal experiences as an...
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The Fourth Continent

This is the tale of a young Australian called Tanny who embarked on an unintended adventure to the far North of the world. She had some plans to go north, but...
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Montevideo Living

The evolving story of an anglophone trying to learn the language and find their way in Montevideo. Discover Montevideo with me as apply for residency, look for...
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Tête over Heels

My personal experiences dealing with the South, the French, France and the cultural differences that separate us. A lot more than just my daily life, I use...
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Beyond Prague

Beyond Prague has the primary goal of showing what the Czech Republic has to offer a visitor who dares to venture outside the capital city. There's an amazing...
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World travels of an older woman who likes to explore the world on her own but in style and comfort and wants to share her experiences as well as tips.
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glad blog - from UK to USA

I'm a polite British lady who currently lives in Philadelphia, USA. I write about the cultural quirks I encounter as a fish out of water over the pond.
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Adventures in the Czech Republic

Begun in 2007 this blog combines posts about life in a small Bohemian village near Cesky Krumlov with wider observations of Czech life and customs. As I ran a...
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Ciccia & Cerva deux trublionnes à Turin

Notre blog est le récit de notre quotidien en Italie, nous y racontons les anecdotes, nos coups de coeur et nos galères. Nous écrivons également sur nos...
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Finding Paris

My name is Kaitlin, and I am from Maine. I grew up there but spent my four years of college in Vermont. After graduating and earning a degree in psychology, I...
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The Au Pair Project

I'm a 20-something Californian with a pinch of Cajun and a love affair with France. I've embraced the facts that life is short, good friends are invaluable and...
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Native Foreigner

Native Foreigner is a quarterly magazine and blog for travelers returning from a long-term trip abroad and who are dealing with reverse culture shock. Travelers...
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