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filippine : ora vivo qui !

ho cominciato a scriverlo per trasmettere la mia esperienza a tutti coloro che hanno intenzione di compiere lo stesso passo. Parlo di problemi pratici e...
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Category: Expat life


Andrea in Thailandia...e che Thailandia

La vita quotidiana di un expat italiano a Bangkok. Curiosità, sensazioni, emozioni e consigli semplici ma reali.
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Le blog de Marine et Jérôme en Irlande

Stories of our adventures in Dublin, by Jérôme and Marine
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Category: Expat life Diary



Dall'Arabia Saudita al Peru dopo vario peregrinare per il mondo! fotografo e racconto di tutto un pò, volete seguirmi nelle mie avventure?!
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Jamaica My Way

I've been blogging about my non-typical travel adventures for 4 years and generally like to stay OFF the beaten path. My blog followers are a niche crowd who...
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New Girl in New York

A new girl's guide to living and thriving in New York City.
[Hits: 207 - Added: 01-02-11]


Relocating to Denmark

A British expat living in Copenhagen. Follow me as I adjust to life in Denmark!
[Hits: 205 - Added: 14-02-13]


Alemania es diferente

Mis experiencias y mi día a día en este país en el que todavía no puedo integrarme.
[Hits: 196 - Added: 01-07-13]

Category: Expat life


Memoirs From Morocco

My blog is a bedazzlement of my day-to-day adventures and how I manage to keep (barely) sane in this crazy country! I see the most outrageous things sometimes...
[Hits: 188 - Added: 30-09-11]


Franz io ti amo

Storie e tendenze tra Italia e Germania. Cibo, design, locali, musica, melting pot e sopravvivenza.
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Philippines : now I live here !

wants to be a meeting point for those who have in mind what they want to do but don't know what they are up against in doing so, I want to provide my experience...
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Category: Expat life


Everybody Knows This is Norway

Noting differences in attitudes toward school, parenting, cultural differences in general, struggles, language, music and anything really!
[Hits: 184 - Added: 16-09-15]


Diari Africani

Racconti semiseri su viaggi, avventure, quotidianità, politica, cultura e società della mia esperienza in Costa d'Avorio
[Hits: 180 - Added: 10-11-11]


American. A broad.

Photo accounts of daily life and settling in to my new UK life.
[Hits: 169 - Added: 13-04-12]


A Scandinavian Interlude

Adventures, tribulations and ramblings of a native Californian from the San Francisco Bay Area who moved with his family to the Helsinki area of Finland.
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