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Find Me A Break

Reviews | Dubai, UAE
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I'm Laura! A Marine Corps Wife enjoying the island life on the other side of the world! Over my little space of the internet i blog about our newlywed life as...
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Category: Expat life Diary


somewhere... beyond the sea

somewhere... beyond the sea is where I write about my experiences travelling the world as I hopefully get closer to finding the place I want to call home one...
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The Wadas on Duty

We mainly hang out in Chugoku region where Okayama city is. However, we often drive down to other cities as well. Major places to minor spots (but...
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Bits and Bobs - Life as a Singaporean in Belfast, North

This is where I share Belfast restaurant reviews and musings on ballet, being a Singaporean overseas and all things Japan-related.
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DomZrrR's Journal

Meine Reisen durch Japan mit all ihren Eigen- und Besonderheiten. Folge mir durch ein aufregendes Land, das meiner Meinung nach viel zu unterbewertet wird.
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Category: Globe trotter


Survive in Japan

Survive in Japan is a blog dedicated to providing useful advice and tips for foreigners in Japan. We create helpful guides for everyday life as well as product...
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Kuma Station

Kuma Station is an expat and travel blog about an international couple living in Tokyo. We share our story and give helpful tips about traveling and what it's...
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Category: Expat life


Beyond the Fale

A real life expat journey of a teacher, mother and wife living and working in Samoa.
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