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Ma drole de vie

I am writing about my quirky life in France and also about my experiences.
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1 Month Of Ramen

I frequent a ramen shop in Japan where, after 80 bowls, you can get a month of free ramen. So being both cheap and curious I have decided to find out what...
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Category: Gourmet Humour


Cheapo Japan

A guide for traveling in Japan on a budget. Great for backpackers, tourists, ex-pats and students.
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Deutschland über Elvis

Stateless, rootless, godless and gay. The Honourable Husband is an Australian/American serial expat who lives in Munich with his Japanese husband.
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Four Seas One Family

A blog and podcast that helps an expat explore language, lifestyle and culture while living abroad. Expat explorer James Thomas shares his thoughts about trends...
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The Soul of Japan

My blog is a collection of onsen, nihonshu, jukujo, and delicious Japanese cuisines.
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Tokyo Cheapo

With the language barrier, it can seem hard enough just to get by in Tokyo without worrying about how much it's costing. However, it's easier than you think to...
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More Things Japanese

Japanese Culture, food, pictures, and more. Insights into life in Japan from an English Language Teacher and author in rural Okinawa. Now featuring videos and...
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The Ruby Ronin

I write about the happenings of China and Japan, the stumbles in language learning, my adventures in dating in Asia and the trials and tribulations of a...
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The Asian Persuasion

Asian news, culture, and commentary from the expat perspective.
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From Pennies to Yennies

A blog updated 3-4 times/ week chronicling my job, half marathon training/ weight loss (1/3 of the way to losing 60lbs!), tsunami volunteering, getting around...
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Snowboard junkie, beach cruiser, tennis nut, fixie rider, Ricky Tom originally from Honolulu, Hawaii writes about his life in Tokyo, Japan. Read about his...
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Schreibenfur -Reisen& Kultur-
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Hi, I'm Chris from Austrlia. My blog contains heaps of tips about how to live and survive in Japan, surrounding topics about culture, people, comics,...
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Mr. Patterson Goes to Languedoc

Descriptions, photos and maps of the rides I do in Languedoc, the rest of Europe, and around the world. There is also a little custom-made cycling map service...
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Category: Sport Photoblog


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