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lebanese slice

La vie est belle au Pays des Cédres ! Une famille d'expats français raconte son quotidien au Liban.
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Category: Expat life


Les Lep

Les aventures de la famille au Brésil, puis en Chine
[Hits: 191 - Added: 08-09-10]


Volksrepublik China - Leben im Reich der Mitte

In meinem Blog berichte ich von meinem täglichen Leben als Englischlehrer an einer Hochschule im Süden Chinas. Neben meinem Hauptjob mache ich kleinere Jobs...
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A Day in the Life of Katie

A day in the life of Katie, is about Katie her family and all the fun she has had moving from the desert of Arizona to the lush green Poland.
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No Hay Bronca - Life in Mexico

Travel stories and practical information about life in Mexico and Central America - adventure, culture, music, food, immigration, work, humor and mountain...
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8 Months in Ukraine

Everyday life in Ukraine. Teaching English. Learning Russian and Ukrainian. Learning to like vodka!
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This is Christie

I'm an American teaching English in a Hungarian high school. There are posts about Hungary, traveling, and whatever happens in my life.
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Category: Expat life


WanderWeib - Der Japan-Blog

Auf WanderWeib erhältst du hilfreiche Japan-Informationen, Ausflug- und Insider-Tipps für deine Japanreise! Zusätzlich findest du spannende Wandervorschläge...
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Florida bound!

Zum Zeitpunkt als ich diesen Blog begonnen habe, leben wir noch im Karlsruher Raum. Eine berufliche Veraenderung fuehrt uns aber nun zurueck in die USA, nach...
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Category: Expat life


Channel Steve

Channel Steve - The Online Life of a Digiholic
[Hits: 64 - Added: 24-12-11]


Robin's Great Adventure

Follow my travels through Central Europe
[Hits: 60 - Added: 05-10-12]

Category: Expat life


Ovenless in China

Ni hao! I'm Leslie, an Ovenless American in China. I used to live and work in Boston, and thought I was quite content. Then my husband's job brought us to...
[Hits: 59 - Added: 25-05-11]


¿Por Que Argentina?

A family of five move from Australia to Argentina trying to blend in like locals. The kids are learning Spanish, he's teaching English and she's doing a...
[Hits: 57 - Added: 14-02-11]


Hotchpotch Hijabi in Italy

A British expat living and working as an English teacher in Bologna. Sharing information, advice and anecdotes for people travelling in Italy, learning Italian...
[Hits: 51 - Added: 22-08-12]


Coffee + Cleveland

I'm an American living in Russia. I'm currently chronicling every day life and travels.
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