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French girl with an Australian passport and some Spanish blood. I grew up in the South of France, lived 4 years in Barcelona and now found my passion in Sydney...
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The Balkans meet the Alps
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An American Tale

An American Tale chronicles our journey since moving west! It's all about the ups and downs of expat life. It's simply, as I like to call it "Our great...
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Neko in Nippon

My blog highlights the process of planning, moving and adjusting to your new home abroad. I detail my experiences, review products and services I've used, and...
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Travel with Jan

I have posted more than two hundred Travel Letters, several thousand photos and several Personal Letters, and Memorials.
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Adventures in the Nether Regions

My adventures living in the Netherlands - places I go, mistakes I make, weird foods I attempt to eat. Words I mis-pronounce
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With Tomplanmytrip, optimally organize your trips in Colombia. Whether for a weekend or several weeks, find all our tips and good plans (accumulated since 2015)...
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The Rebecca Project

The Rebecca Project is the chronicle of a life in progress: of leaving my old home in Sydney for my new home in San Francisco, and now my new-new home in...
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The Northern Itinerary

Expat and Travel Blog. In my blog, I talk about life in Stockholm, Sweden, and how it is like to be a foreigner in Scandinavia. There is also a lot about...
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You Could Travel

You Could Travel was created to write about my expat stories and journey abroad. This was my way to inspire others to always look forward to the unknown, follow...
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Dutdot: Expat Mom's Touch on Parenting, Family, & L, a parenting, family, and expat living blog by a Filipina mompreneur-blogger-bookworm in Kuwait.
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Lost in Travels

My husband and I met, we fell in love, we got hitched, we decided to spend our lives traveling the world. Our current spot is as ESL teachers to adorable Korean...
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shere y paul

we are a Spanish-Dutch couple living in the Netherlands. We love travelling, photography, sailing and cooking. We just got a son so also figuring out how to...
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hippie in heels

a glamorous travel blog about 25 countries Rachel visits, but mostly India. She shares tips about the best hotels, how to dress, and how to stay safe in India.
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Karlisworld is gay travel blog of a german-dutch adventures gay couple discovering the Netherlands & the world.
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