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My blog highlights the process of planning, moving and adjusting to your new home abroad. I detail my experiences, review products and services I've used, and share insight to my travels throughout Asia. <br /> <br /> What makes my experience unique is that I'm married and moved for my husband's job, will be volunteering around SE Asia and Taiji and the fact that we brought our cat, a very difficult process.

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US American US American expat living in Japan

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 26-11-87
  • Move: Usa  Japan
  • Interest: Photography & Volunteering
  • About me: Hi! I'm Emily-san. Self proclaimed writer, photographer, foodie, expat & lover of all things cute & fuzzy! I have a severe case of wanderlust & I hate routine. Timing & luck finally met up to shine its light on me & my small family, taking us from Michigan in the USA all the way to Shiga, Japan. My website tracks my move and my adventures, down to the shoes I buy and places they take me.
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