Fotos de mañana

Thoughts and images of extreme designers moved out of office about the nature, culture and aesthetics of Peru and the Dominican Republic

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Russia  expat living in Peru

  • Move: Russia  Peru
  • Interest: art, design, photo, travelling, kitesurfing, skateboarding, snowboardi
  • About me: We are Liza and Vladimir, a family of crazy designers from the cold Russian city of St Petersburg, who once got tired of sitting in the office, and they went on the trip. And since then our life has been turned to a permanent journey, which lasted for a year and is not going to finish. We have already visited the Dominican Republic and Peru. In the nearest future we have plans to visit all countries of Latin America. For a while we are writting in Russian, but later we plan to write in Spanish, our second language. We hope that our photos can say much as well our texts. Now our blog has the Google translate widget for foreign visitors.

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