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Un diario sulla mia esperienza in Cina
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The life of a mommy living in China with two little children, shown through the daily food I like to eat and cook.
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Due pazzi (?) per la Cina

This blog wants to describe the adventures and the disadventures of a couple that, all of a sudden, was catapultated in such a particular country as China!
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I'm trying to keep my blog because I want to fix imagines and thoughs I can risk to lose and because I want to share this experience with all people are...
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Ve La Do Io La Cina... E Anche L'Asia

Racconti, storie, video e suggerimenti sull'Asia, con un particolare occhio alla Cina. Da una giornalista che vive in questo meraviglioso continente da 12 anni.
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