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Jamaica My Way

I've been blogging about my non-typical travel adventures for 4 years and generally like to stay OFF the beaten path. My blog followers are a niche crowd who...
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Culture Shock

My blog is about living as an expat in Norway and my travels around the world.
[Hits: 203 - Added: 25-07-09]


Geneva Family Diaries

Follow my family’s adventures as we find our “expatriate feet” in the land of Cheese, Chocolate & Cuckoo Clocks
[Hits: 201 - Added: 22-09-11]


Living in Ankara

This blog gives information about living in Ankara and in Turkey.
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Ami in Munich

I'm an Arizona girl who fell in love with and married a German. We moved together to Madison, Wis., which we called the mid-point between Germany and Arizona...
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Here is Havana

Written by the gringa next door, Here is Havana conspires to give you a dose of what life is really like across the Straits.
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emma's house in portugal

A blog about buying a ruin, building a house and eating a lot of pastries
[Hits: 197 - Added: 01-01-10]


Life in Kuwait

Everything about Kuwait that an expat should know.
[Hits: 195 - Added: 24-03-13]


An American Girl in China

Adventures in Shanghai
[Hits: 194 - Added: 27-09-09]


Lioness in Japan

The ups and downs of expat life, trailing partner issues, food, travel, and Japanese culture. It's a way to keep in touch with friends back home and all over...
[Hits: 193 - Added: 11-03-09]

Category: Expat life

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