Claudia and Oliver's Korean Adventure

A South African couple working as teachers in Korea hoping to provide amazing pictures and information to people who want to know more about Korea. We provide our prespectives and understandings of Korean culture which makes for an interesting and sometimes humorous journey for both us and our readers.

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South Africa  expat living in South Korea

  • Move: South Africa  South Korea
  • Interest: Travelling, reading, socialising and debate
  • About me: Oliver and I (Claudia) have been dating since November 2004. We both enjoy a good adventure and decided South Korea would be a great place to find one. We packed up, left friends and family behind so that we could explore and learn about a new and completely different culture. We are both currently working as teachers at Hagwons in Wonju. Oliver is actually a photographer by trade and although I do post some of my novice pics on the blog, it is Oliver's images that are bound to wow you. I, however, enjoy writing. With the combination of our two skills we hope to document our experience in Korea. By doing so we hope to provide some guidance and entertainment.

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