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The adventures and travels of an American family of six living in Morocco for two years.

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US American US American expat living in Rabat

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  • About me: We're an American family of six and we always wanted to give our kids a global perspective. So when the Peace Corps came calling we were ready. We rented out our house in Colorado, said good-bye to our friends, loaded up on sunscreen and headed here which is Morocco for two years. Having done this whole moving overseas things before I can tell you that it is much easier to move and live in Europe with young children than to move and live in Africa with older kids. See my oldest is now 12 and has that obligatory preteen angst. I have two others following close behind at 11 and 10 and then the baby of the family is 6. Except don't call her a baby or she will sumo wrestle you to the ground until you eat those words. I was so excited about the idea of living the simple life in Africa. But let me tell you, nothing is simple here. This long list of co

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