My blog is an ode to my new home. It's my chance to share the magnificent beauty, warm atmosphere and rich history and traditions I am lucky enough to experience everyday. Being an expat isn't always easy. Sometimes things are lost in translation and living in country Tuscany isn't always picture perfect. But that's part of the experience and a side of expat life that I write about too. My goal is to find my place in this new country and my blog is my story.

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From city Australia to country Tuscany

Australia  expat living in Tuscany

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 22-11-88
  • Move: Australia  Italy
  • Interest: I'm obsessed with experiencing my new life to the fullest
  • About me: I'm Australian journalist who fell in love and moved to country Tuscany six years ago. I am an expat without rose tinted glasses, besotted with the incredible history, heritage, food and people of my new home, the Tuscan Maremma, but conscious of its shortcomings and my own shortcomings as a non native.
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