Piemonte Dreams

The blog is written in book style and chronicles our move to Piemonte, and specifically to the Langhe Hills a beautiful UNESCO heritage site in North West Italy. There are lots of tales of food, events, socialising, with real Italian characters and an embracement of the landscape and nature surrounding us. There are tried and trusted recipes and reviews. I hope this will be a useful site for those looking to discover more about this 'bella' area of Italy.


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UK British UK British expat living in Italy

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: United Kingdom  Italy
  • Interest: Italy, food, wine, landscapes and organic farming
  • About me: It was a very wet year in Ireland in 2015, seemingly one of the wettest on record. It was also the year that I turned 40 and had a mad urge to do something crazy, some might say a 'mid-life crisis'! I decided to buy a property, move to and begin living a new life, and lifestyle, in Piemonte, Italy, or as the English language pronounces it - Piedmont! I am going to do my best to relate to you this crazy adventure, for all sorts of reasons, mainly because if I write it down it makes it real, but I like to think I can inspire readers to seek out their own crazy adventure, or help those who have never heard of Piemonte. We are setting up an organic farm and will include lots of tales of rural life in this beautiful part of Italy. Plus lots of tried and trusted recipes and reviews.
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