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Turin Italy Guide is a travel and lifestyle blog by locals and an online travel guide helping readers discover Turin and the rest of Piedmont, Italy.


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US American US American expat living in Turin

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  • About me: I am originally from the USA. I lived in Venice, Italy for a few years. After an unforgettable experience living there, my love for Italy continues and I have been living and traveling to Italy extensively for over 16 years. My passion for travel led me to completing a Masters degree specializing in Tourism Management & Marketing. I also spent time as a Tour Manager. This gave me the opportunity to travel all of Western Europe but my true passion for Italian culture and lifestyle always brought me back to Italy. This ongoing romance with Italy and its culture developed into a desire to become an Italy Travel Consultant to help others experience Italy at its finest and on a deeper level. As a result, Turin Italy Guide and Your Friend In Italy was created.
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