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My blog is the place for the worldwide mandarin Chinese students. Here they can connect with each other, get free learning stuff which are updated regularly, get recommendation on paid learning stuff and much more..

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Israel  expat living in Israel

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 29-06-57
  • Move: Israel  Israel
  • Interest: chinese,china
  • About me: My name is Orna taub.I was born in Israel in1957. My big interesting in China and the Chinese language started after I graduated from Chinese medicine school in Israel And complemented my study in another school of Chinese medicine to study two years Chinese herbs. One of my instructors was a native Chinese doctor who came from chengdu and only spoke Chinese. The meeting with him evoked in me a sudden and great attraction to China and a big passion to learn Chinese. I started to learn chinese by myself using textbooks. Gradually friendly relationships started to develop between me and my Chinese instructor ,and since he could only speak Chinese, I had no other choice but to break my teeth to speak Chinese with him. As I progressed in Chinese I started to help him in his everyday life communication and after a while also joined him to his patients homes to serve as a translator. Eventually I became his translator in his classes too.In the following years I continued to study by myself .After a few yea
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