Expat with kids in Dublin

Expat housewife - two very young children - in Ireland since 2007. I absolutely love this place, but after five years living here, my most repeated questions still are: "where do Dubliners...?", "how do Dubliners...?" and "why do Dubliners..?" trying to get info on basic things like good GPs and hospitals, schools and creches, best neighborhoods to live in, good stores (clothes/toys/books/food), child friendly cafes and restaurants... So, are you an expat housewife / "househusband" too? Do you have the same feeling? Well, don't panic because I have great news for you: YOU'RE NOT ALONE! let's find answers together: it'll be fun.


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Spain  expat living in Dublin

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Spain  Ireland
  • Interest: I love reading, knitting, trekking, window-shopping, and, of course I
  • About me: I'm a Spanish mum of two very hectic boys trying to get used to living in Ireland

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