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Travel stories from Ireland and lots of other places and spaces :) I also share film tips, recipes and other fun, so grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy my weird and wonderful world!

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Norway  expat living in Ireland

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Norway  Ireland
  • Interest: travel, intercultural communication, writing
  • About me: Hi, my name is Etta (short for Henriette and a nick name I attributed when I was in California more than 10 years ago) and although I'm originally from Norway, I currently live in Dublin, Ireland. I've traveled, studied and worked abroad for years and I love to explore new places and spaces, which is clear to see on my blog, even though most of its content is related to Ireland's capital as this is where I reside at the moment. My blog of definitively a day to day blog where I write about film, food and other fun When I travel it gets to come with and the biggest trip of them all will be when the boyfriend and I leave on a 4 - 6 month's trip in December - can't wait! Please do stop by and I promise I'll do my best to entertain :) etta


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