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For the moment, the "world in between" is a blog containing reflections from that time of life between work and kids and the porch swing. We want to explore the possible and improbable, see the world, give back, live on our terms, learn, do... While at the same time we have no real clue what we will do. The fun will be in the discovery, pushing our limits, comfort zone and constraints - and hopefully for once, letting our kids worry about us for a change. Right now, I have been blogging a lot about cultural differences and the joys (and troubles) of expat life.

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US American US American expat living in Hungary

  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 30-10-57
  • Move: Usa  Hungary
  • Interest: reading, travel, food, cultures, people
  • About me: My name is Julie Callahan and I am a corporate America veteran living in Budapest, Hungary with my husband (and photographer) Pat. I am also plotting my escape from the corporate world in the not too distant future. Prior to Budapest, we lived for 18 months in Bratislava, Slovakia. We have 3 adult kids back in the US which ground us to our home. But last year, after selling our house and cars, we are completely unencumbered. We hope to use our new found freedom to explore the world. We represent that boomer demographic - wanting to quit work, too young to slow down, too old to keep our nose on the grindstone. And I hope daring enough to just keep exploring.
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