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Germans can be pretty serious people, but there are myriad funny things about how they live, work, and play. Here is a look at some of these peculiarities, along with general observations about an American life in Europe.

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US American US American expat living in Berlin

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  • Birthday: 25-04-81
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  • Interest: German life, German culture, German history
  • About me: I'm a Germanist, Linguist, Historian, and Cyclist that has been an Atlantic Ocean-hopper for the past decade. I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and have lived in Freiburg, Berlin, rural Austria, and Amsterdam. I've spent these years observing, comparing, contrasting, and analyzing the quirks of American and German living during those years, and I like to think I've figured out what makes them both tick. I love delving into contemporary topics that can be examined through a historical lens, but I also just like musing about life abroad.

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