'Our Luxor' (Or a Daft lad in Egypt.)

A blog about the struggle and misfortunes, but also the joys and hilarity of living in Luxor. We love it!


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UK British UK British expat living in Egypt

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  • Interest: Cultural differences
  • About me: I am a very ordinary Englishman. Becoming increasingly frustrated by pseudo-socialist interference in every aspect of existence under Mr Bliar's non-government, my wife and I decided in 2007 to try a different way of living here in Luxor Egypt, where we had been visiting since 1997 and built up a relationship with many local people. We need to have a small income to supplement our meagre private pensions, so we rent out an unique apartment to selected tourists, right in the centre of Luxor's old town. We live in the rooftop apartment directly above our beautiful guest apartment which is on the third floor of the building. The mainly Muslim population of our town has a completely different culture to that which we were used to in England, and the mishaps and misunderstandings thereby created are the main source of material for my, sometimes serious, but mostly tongue-in-cheek blog.


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